My work explores the ideas of witchcraft in relation to feminism and celebrates the magesticial power of the witch. I am the witch. I have related spells to wishes cast into the universe that can change our lives into what we want them to be. The power of intention and intuition is greater than any other force that reckons with our surroundings. What do we wish for? What do we witch for? What do we have the power to change? The reclamation of the witch’s power is represented through use of ancient imagery from various traditions of witchcraft translated boldly into a world that once burned the witch for such a practice. Fire is an element ever present in the work taking on different forms and reducing what it touches to ashes. This is a representation of the burning of the witch, the most common form of execution. Fire is the key element ever present in the work and assists with magick the witch now outwardly and powerfully produces. Magick is presented in various forms of media that immerse the viewer with the intentions of the witch and their own intuition.

Through the use of natural materials such as dirt, wood, flowers, ashes, and animal fossils I give the funk of the universe a new life. I combine these materials with drawings in which “I,” “the witch,” am represented in various forms. The work is often set on fire ceremonially and returned to the earth. Its ashes are then collected and used in new work. It is an ever-evolving process of transformation of materials. It is collaboration with the universe where the witch exercises her power boldly in a world that she creates. The witch gets her power from nobody only herself and this becomes a “Witch-In Revolution” represented through materials and the craft. I wish, I witch, I witch for everything.