“I Witch For Everything” The Manifesto of a Modern Witch

Spells are wishes and wishes are spells. Magick is not a one-time event. It is a craft, a practice, a revolution, and an empowerment of women taking control of their lives through intuition and a connection to the universe. –Witch for everything!

A real wise woman challenges the stereotypes and reveals the on going persecution of witches and witchcraft deemed as evil. This mentality fueled the witch-hunting inquisitions centuries ago and is responsible for attacks against real witches and powerful women around the world. –Witch for everything!

Feminist witches unite! This foundation of witchcraft is rooted in internal power and female concerns. It emphasizes the power of universal creativity and energy as the Goddess women are empowered as vital and important beings in the universe. It becomes natural to assume that women are creative in all ways: women are leaders, women have a deciding voice in all matters, women are responsible for their actions; women are able to communicate directly with universal nature, and have sexual freedom, reproductive rights, and the right to define their own bodily lives.

I wish. I witch. I witch for everything.

Feminist witchcraft encourages the development of intuition as an effective part of human life. Each human being has intuition, and inner voice, a way of deciding what is right or wrong for oneself, and what to do about it. Magick is necessary for the witch to achieve a well-balanced life. - Witch for everything!

Feminist witchcraft offers the feminist movement and other theological or philosophical perceptions of life-the process you use is even more important than your goal, a balance is important in the ways we live. The energy you send out will return to you. -Witch for everything!

Where the energy is in thought or deed. Learn to perceive.

Wise women rise against the individuals who have persecuted you throughout your own history! To all individuals who have crushed your spirits, broken your heart, tried to make you feel inferior, invaded your thoughts, brought you to tears, stole your soul, accused you, left you lonely, filled you with doubt, and filled your heart with sadness-wave your wands and say goodbye to them. –Witch for everything!

Use your own magick to reclaim your life and power, alleviate your hurt, self-doubt, and circumstances that have made you feel like less than you are.